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Never underestimate the power your body holds when it comes to healing. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an innovative treatment that harnesses your body’s own natural healing powers to rejuvenate your look. The specialists at Chicago Fat Doctor in the South Loop use PRP for facials, nonsurgical facelifts, and hair restoration. For a consultation to learn more about PRP, call the Chicago office today or book an appointment online.


What is PRP?

PRP is an innovative treatment that accelerates your body’s natural healing powers. It’s a product created from your own blood that contains a concentrated amount of the platelets and growth factors your body uses to heal wounds.

When using PRP for aesthetic treatments at Chicago Fat Doctor, your specialist creates your PRP from a sample of your own blood by spinning it in a centrifuge that separates the liquid portion of your blood from the healing properties.

How can PRP improve my skin?

The team at Chicago Fat Doctor uses PRP for a number of treatments to improve the appearance of your skin. PRP skin treatment options include:

PRP facial with radiofrequency (RF) tripollar

The specialists at Chicago Fat Doctor combine PRP with RF energy and microneedling to reduce the signs of aging and rejuvenate your skin. After preparing your PRP, your specialist uses a special tool that heats up the deep layers of your skin to stimulate the production of collagen, the protein that provides structure and support. At the same time, the tool creates microlesions in the surface of your skin that accelerates healing and collagen production. Then, your specialist applies the PRP to your skin for additional healing and rejuvenation.

The PRP facial can smooth out lines and wrinkles and improve tone and texture for a younger, fresher look.

PRP facelift

The specialists at Chicago Fat Doctor also use PRP as a nonsurgical facelift by injecting the healing properties directly into your skin to promote healing from within to rejuvenate and renew your appearance.

PRP microneedling for stretch marks

Combining PRP with microneedling helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Your specialist at Chicago Fat Doctor works closely with you when designing your beauty regimen to help determine the best treatments for you based on your aesthetic and health goals.

How can PRP help my hairline?

The specialists at Chicago Fat Doctor also offer PRP injections for hair restoration. When injected into your scalp, the PRP properties prolong the growing stage of your hair follicle to improve hair health and fullness. To get the best results, your specialist may recommend monthly injections for the first three months and then injections every three to four months for up to two years.

PRP is a natural beauty technology that can rejuvenate and restore your look. To learn how it can work for you, call Chicago Fat Doctor today or request an appointment online.